Vibrators for Women

It can be intimidating to buy your first vibrator. There are countless options out there and, if you’re inexperienced, how are you supposed to know what you like? If your toy doesn’t work out, you can’t return it like you would a jacket.

Fortunately, you can equip yourself with knowledge about vibrators before making your choice. That way, you’ll be much likelier to find an option that works for you and brings you much joy over the coming months and years.

What Makes a Good Vibrator?

Many sex toy newbies will go searching for the best vibrators, but “best” is a highly subjective concept. What works perfectly for one woman may not suit another.

We all have different sexual responses. For example, some will want strictly clitoral stimulation while others will need penetration to feel satisfied. Other ladies will want a mix of both.

Then you have to decide how much power and speed you want, in addition to the number of settings you’ll need. Some will want a mild vibration and others will want something stronger. Below, I’ll cover some qualities that make a vibrator great, so you know where to start with narrowing down your options:

Quality Materials

This may sound like a no-brainer but choosing a product with high-quality materials is essential when it comes to vibrators. Since the market is so vast, there are lots of low-quality options made with materials that may not be body safe.

I recommend choosing an option made with medical-grade silicone or another material that is proven to be body safe. Generally speaking, you’ll want to spend more to get a product with better materials. I recommend paying at least $50 for a vibrator.

Avoid options that have a strong chemical smell or are sold as “for novelty use only,” as they are less likely to be safe for your body. You’ll be using your toy in your most sensitive area, so it pays to be selective with this.

Noise Discretion

Most women don’t want everyone in their house (or apartment building) to know that they’re using a vibrator. So, for many of us, choosing an option that has quiet vibrations is a must.

If you’re considering a vibrator, it should be easy to find out how loud or quiet it is. Read the description of the product and see if it mentions noise. You can also check out user reviews to see what other ladies have to say about the level of discretion it offers.

Convenient Charging

You’ll see a couple different types of vibrators when you’re researching options: plug-and-charge or battery-powered. If you decide to go with a toy that plugs in, make sure it’s convenient to use and that it holds a charge for a long time.

Again, you can read user reviews and see what others have to say about this. You can also check the product description to find out what to expect. For example, it will say something like “charge for 60 minutes and use for 120.”

The last thing you want is for your vibrator to die in the middle of your solo playtime, so try to find one that holds a charge for a while. If you pick a battery-powered option, read the reviews on the product to see how often you need to change them.

Good User Reviews

As mentioned, user reviews are a really helpful source of information when it comes to buying a sex toy. A lot of helpful people take the time to write out detailed pros and cons lists and other important information about vibrators to help shoppers like you make an informed decision.

You can check the manufacturer’s site for reviews or search for the product on Amazon to see what people are saying about it. In some cases, you can find video reviews on YouTube where people talk about their experience with a product.

A Good Warranty

A good vibrator will likely be an investment, meaning it won’t be cheap! So, you’ll want to protect your purchase by making sure it comes with a good warranty. This will cover product defects and ensure that you can return it within a specified period to get a replacement mailed to you if necessary.

Types of Sex Toys

Now that you know which qualities to look for in a vibrator, it’s time to decide which type to get. Below I’ll discuss some of the most common categories of vibrating sex toys, so you know what will suit you best:


If you crave penetration during masturbation but don’t find clitoral stimulation quite as important, you may want a standard design vibrator. The great thing about these is they’re simple, straightforward, and there are many options out there since they’re the most common style.

And keep in mind that just because you use a toy for penetration doesn’t mean you can’t add clit stimulation yourself with your other hand. A lot of simple, beginner-friendly vibrators offer multiple vibration patterns and intensity levels. This will allow you to play around and find the perfect setting for you.


If you enjoy both penetration and clitoral stimulation (who doesn’t?!) then you may want to choose a rabbit vibrator. Rabbit vibrators rotate and mimic the shape of a penis while also offering two “bunny ears” that provide vibrations for the clitoris.

Many rabbit toy options are made with jelly material, but this material is porous (which makes it hard to clean). So, I recommend looking for a vibrator made from silicone instead.


If you crave both penetration and a textured feel, get a vibrator with ridges. Textured vibrators offer extra sensations and massage your vaginal walls for intense orgasmic fun.

Since this type of toy will provide a unique sensation that isn’t right for everyone, I recommend only buying a textured vibrator if you know for sure it’s your thing. Otherwise, you can try out this style later once you’re more comfortable with using a standard sex toy.

A Dual-use Vibrator (Penetrative and Clit Stimulation)

If you’re looking for a clitoral vibrator that you can also put inside yourself, you can find one that has a firm shaft and is also described as working for clit stimulation. This won’t work for stimulating you internally and externally at the same time, but you can switch between these sensations as you use it.

Bullet Style for Targeted Clit Action

If you, like many women, can only orgasm from giving your clitoris lots of love, you may want to get a bullet vibrator. These small sex toys provide targeted vibrations and often come with multiple patterns and vibration intensity levels.

Another great thing about bullet vibrators is that they have a discreet design. You wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a sex toy just from looking at it, which is a plus if you live with nosy people or travel often and want to bring your toy along. Using a bullet vibrator along with a penetrative toy can be a lot of fun, too.

Anal Vibrators

If you’re curious about venturing into the world of anal stimulation or already know you love it, you may want to consider an anal vibrator. This style of toy provides powerful internal stimulation due to the abundance of nerves in the anal area.

It’s important to seek a toy that’s specifically designed for anal use, since this area has a powerful sphincter that can pull a toy up inside of it. No one wants to have to go to the emergency room with a vibrator stuck up their butt, so keep this in mind.

Another important factor to consider with anal toys is making sure to use plenty of lubricant. I recommend a silicone-based product since it won’t absorb into the skin as easily as water-based products, so it will last longer.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Some women really appreciate feeling vibrations on their entire vulva in addition to clitoral stimulation. If you’re one of these ladies, go for a magic wand vibrator. The head on this type of vibrator is large, so it delivers powerful sensations on the entire genital area instead of a more targeted vibration (like a bullet toy).

You can find this type of toy in both rechargeable and corded options. I recommend using the rechargeable option (even though it will likely cost a bit more) since the cord can get in the way.

Don’t Forget the Lube

No matter which type of vibrator you decide on, lubrication is an essential ingredient. This will increase pleasure, help you use the toy for longer, and protect your sensitive tissues from tearing. As mentioned before, lubricant is especially necessary for anal stimulation.

Always check to make sure the lube you’re using is compatible with the materials of your vibrator by reading the product description page. Hopefully, you now feel confident about choosing the best type of vibrator for you.